Academic Supports

BEST Program

The Brighter Choice Foundation believes that supporting teachers is at the core of their success. Because of this we have developed our BEST Program, which is aimed at teachers as they enter the teaching field. Teachers will receive real skills that they can implement for an effective classroom environment.

Participation in this program will provide yearlong opportunities for teachers to work together and practice strategies to become the best at their craft. Teachers will participate in face-to face sessions as well as an online Google Classroom to supplement their learning, and will be eligible to receive up to 50 professional development hours based on attendance and participation.  This course is designed to address many of the same topics and tasks that are addressed in the edTPA and will be helpful to first year teachers who are seeking initial certification or have limited classroom experience.

Teachers will receive professional development and coaching in the areas below.

  • Understanding by Design 
  • Writing Objectives 
  • Curriculum Alignment 
  • Connected Learning
  • Spiral Review
  • Building a Scope and Sequence
  • Unpacking Next Generation Learning Standards
  • Content Specific Training
  • Assessment Alignment 
  • Formative Assessments 
  • Exit Tickets 
  • Data Analysis


  • Data Driven Instruction
  • Discourse 
  • Questioning 
  • Differentiation 
  • Intervention Tools 
  • Rigor 
  • Charting 
  • Co-teaching
  • Content Specific Training
  • Routines and Procedures
  • Creating a Classroom Management System 
  • High Behavioral Expectations

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